The Venus Files 1

by E Stim Audio



Now with previous hidden bonus tracks for free streaming. We also added the previously missing venus file 7, which was actually 8 :). Some people might have seen the missing Venus File pop up at the free downloads section a while ago :).

Previous album buyers can redownload the album with their receipt they received whilst purchasing the album.

Supported Devices:
These audio files and or sounds are created with the highest possible amount of care, you are free to try them out yourselves to see if this particular release works on your setup and device. Streaming is free whilst purchasing gives you better quality and offline access.

About the Audio Files and Checkout:
These are High Resolution 24 Bit Audio files (This is only true for downloaded/bought Flac files). Mp3 download is also supported so you can use the files on your Mp3 player. (This CD is available in pretty much any format which you can select during checkout). You can also download individual tracks, but you get a discount when you buy the entire album in one go.

To use our work commercially (companies wanting to showcase a new audio tens unit they developed, or add it to a sound collection CD, or to their site), please contact us through the all other inquiries form on the right. For personal use feel free to use the content in whatever way, modify them or edit them. Please note however DO NOT redistribute the original, modified or edited files in any way without our prior consent first. We have a high quality audio file standard and wish this is not to be compromised.

Please be sure to have listened the audio files before you use them in any real scenario involving tens units. Be sure you know what to expect from the audio files and how they progress, as some have higher dynamic ranges in terms of volume change. It's better to have it peak at the input every now and then and use a less powerful output setting, then to use a really high output setting with almost no peaking in the input. This way you won't get sudden jolts of high powered electricity but a rather a more equal stream of sound and electricity with the sound spread out across the entire frequency range of your device at a constant volume level. Play with it for the best results :)

Further more, we are not eligible for any consequences due to the use of these files. Please take your own responsibility for the way you use these sound files. Do not use this if you don't know what you're doing or don't know how to use these files and or a audio tens unit and or estim / e-stim device.


released October 3, 2013



all rights reserved


E Stim Audio

The finest in electro stimulating audio creation and generation providing truly organic wave shaping technology and content.

We are audio engineers with a passion for E-Stim. Offering audio files and estim sounds in wav or mp3. Our tools and generators, compliment audio enabled devices, tens units and power control boxes manufactured by companies like E-Stim Systems LTD, ErosTek, 3rdH, OhMiBod.
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