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Welcome to the E-Stim Audio community

Join our community and get instant access to all our past releases, future releases and community released private work for an entire year! This includes everything on our site, available for download, including our Free Downloads CD. Also new releases can freely be downloaded then.

What is this community all about? Well, for a starter we are the very first to deliver fully produced musical E-Stim audio tracks in bundled and themed album releases.

We have been audio engineers and or sound designers for several years, working in the field of recording, music production, digital and analog synthesis, and sound design, in 2010 we started expanding our field of study to the audio driven electrical or E-Stim play, to expand our horizons, acquire new in depth knowledge about both human body, mind and music. In 2012 we released our first public E-Stim Audio track called Into the Void featuring a 15 minute long E-Stim track which was received very well. People seemed to like our work, so we continued with what we where doing.

So what exactly is E-Stim Audio? Here's a short introduction. E-Stim Audio is the usage of audio files to drive audio enabled E-Stim devices. These devices then emit power into your body and or muscles through the use of electrodes. The actual pulse of the device is modulated by the E-Stim Audio signal, and some devices even replicate the exact audio waveform, although sometimes slightly filtered to remove any unwanted or harmful sensations.

Since 2012 we've been exploring the field of E-Stim and expanding our scope quite literally. Our audio releases became more advanced, themed, and task appropriate, and we even ventured in to the realm of real time on the fly E-Stim Audio creation. We've publicly released more than 14 album and software releases. Where The Minigen software release has set the tone for real time E-Stim wave form creation, our second software release, the Ultimate Kit expanded the scope even more for the more advanced users. Now in 2016 the E-Stim Audio Suite should set the tone for Tri-Phase E-Stimming, and all other stereo and or mono E-Stim waveform creation.

So what is it that we have planned for the future? Let's start with stellar support and service. Besides making new releases, we are working on updates, improvements and R&D to improve our products even further on a daily basis. Of course we will never stop making album releases, we will never stop fine tuning them, but also will always keep improving our software. We have plans for making external hardware Arduino based networking interfaces to be able to give our software networking capabilities. The Free Downloads CD will be exclusively reserved for Community members, and will be updated on a regular basis like you are used to.

This being said we are looking forward to the future. We are grateful for the trust and support we receive, and are very thankful to every single fan of us!

What you get:

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E Stim Audio
Earth, Texas
The finest in electro stimulating audio creation and generation providing truly organic wave shaping technology and content.

We are audio engineers with a passion for E-Stim. Offering audio files and estim sounds in wav or mp3. Our tools and generators, compliment audio enabled devices, tens units and power control boxes manufactured by companies like E-Stim Systems LTD, ErosTek, 3rdH, OhMiBod.


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